Summer 2012 wraps up!

What a wonderful way to wrap up a fabulous summer of sewing!  I had the sweetest girls in class last week who are also very talented!  These girls jumped right in and by Tuesday, you’d never have known they were beginners.  After making some fun note card sets, they were eager to tackle their first fabric project, patchwork pillows.  They also made headbands, journal covers, pin-on fabric flowers, and some adorable tote bags. Everything turned out just fantastic!

Thanks so much to these awesome girls for helping me wrap up the first summer of sewing in the new studio!

The first classes in the new studio!

The first week in the new studio was awesome!  I had four fantastic beginners in the morning camp and four creative advanced beginners in the afternoon camp.  In total, I think they made at least 24 artsy fabric note cards, eight journal covers, eight letter shaped pillows, 12 handy fabric boxes, eight adorable tote bags, more than six fabric flowers, six headbands, a fabric billfold, three pincushions, and eight zippered wristlets!  That’s a pretty productive week in my book.

It’s so much fun to see the creativity they bring to the projects we work on in class.  Everything looked great and everything was so different!

I don’t have a camp this week, but I’ll be busy getting ready for the rest of the summer.  I’m hoping to get some workshops and classes on the calendar soon and start working on a schedule and new patterns for the fall.  Check back soon for details!

New patterns for summer

Last summer, I used a curriculum I licensed and purchased for our summer sewing projects.  This year, I decided to make my own patterns and I’m so glad I did.  Not only were they fun to design, I was able to really focus on projects that taught the skills I wanted to present and tailor them to the experience level of my students.

Now that I’ve been drafting my own sewing patterns for the studio and my classes, I don’t want to stop!  I have so many ideas for patterns I would like to write and make available for sale in the studio.  Who knows, if you come by the studio during workshop time, I might just be in need of a pattern tester!