T-shirt Quilt Camp

One of my sweet students from last summer requested a t-shirt quilt camp for this year.  I’m a pretty avid quilter, but I had never made a t-shirt quilt, so I jumped at the chance.  After a few prototypes, I decided on a construction method I think was perfect for our camp setting.  By making a rag quilt, we were able to quilt the blocks as they were created, rather than having to quilt the entire assembled quilt.  The t-shirts were stabilized, trimmed to size, and sashed with woven fabrics which would unravel nicely when washed.  We used fleece for the backing.  I’ll let the results speak for themselves! (Click on an image below to browse the gallery.)

This was a fun group of girls to spend the week with and I think the t-shirt rag quilt needs to be a regular on the studio class schedule!